August 27, 2013 TACKLE Event – GMO – – in full on YouTube!

You can now view our August TACKLE with TAC4 event on GMO in full on YouTube! Watch it here:

Thanks to Jennifer Elwell (Kentucky Corn Growers Association) and John Moody (Farm to Defense Legal Defense Fund) for their excellent panel discussion.

The results from pursuing their Needs, Fears, and Concerns are:

Jennifer Elwell


  • Ability to choose food
  • Ability for farmers to choose what to grow
  • Need for food production to be maximized to feed growing population
  • Reduce pesticide use (inputs)
    • Because of costs and health
  • Recognizing GMO is not the only scientific research going on
  • A better job of education about how GMOs work
  • Safety of farm workers through less chemical contact


  • If we block all GMOs, dramatic return to increase in inputs
  • Labeling would cause more consumer fear


  • Open conversation between neighboring farmers on planning seasons to prevent cross-pollination
  • Industry open to labeling
  • Continue/expand research into all available options
  • Third party studies

John Moody


  • Ability to choose food
  • Ability for farmers to choose what to grow
  • To differentiate hybridization and genetic modification
  • Level playing field
    • Subsidization tilts toward GMO crops
    • Government regulations favor monoculture farming
  • Need to protect against development of new allergies


  • Genetic drift
  • Health harm possibility
    • At a minimum, there are significant health concerns
  • History of false safety claims continue


  • Reduce amount of GMOs being planted
  • Ban GMOs until safety and benefits are clearly established
  • Designating portions of USA for organic farming and buffering areas
  • Level subsidy playing field

Audience Concerns


  • See details of studies – transparency
  • Labeling
  • Full disclosure as to what subsidies and companies are involved in studies
    • Adhere to what science says
    • Pass science laws
  • A stable land base with people working on land
  • Recognize that without GMOs we can reduce inputs with economic and health benefits


  • That the science is contaminated
  • Some illnesses that could come from GMOs might not be obvious in short-term tests
  • Corporate control of seeds and inputs will erode agricultural land base, viability, and prices
  • Suicide seeds


  • Remove all subsidies

August 27, 2013 TACKLE Event – GMO vs. non-GMO

Dear friends:
Are you frustrated with the tone of political discourse?  Do you hunger for reasoned discussion on current political events where people actually listen to the points of the other side?  TAC4 Solutions invites you to our next TACKLE with TAC4 event on August 27, 2013 to discuss Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).



Tuesday, August     27, 2013




GMO     vs. non-GMO: Biotech hype or anti-tech hysteria   


  • Jennifer Elwell, Director of Communications, Kentucky Corn Growers Association
  • John Moody, Board member, Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund


Ursuline Arts Center
3114 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY 40206


$8.90 for preregistered guests
$10.00 at the door


First 500 registrants


Please print the confirmation page on the registration site and bring with you as a ticket for entrance to the event.  For additional information, please check our website, Facebook page, and blog

Send this invitation to everyone you know who may be interested.  Thanks, and I hope to see you on August 27.  Let’s show the world that we really can respect people who disagree with us on difficult issues and work together to find good solutions.
T. Alan Claypool
President, TAC4 Solutions
About our Panelists

Jennifer Elwell

Jennifer Elwell, is the Director of Communications and Education for the Kentucky Corn Growers Association and the Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association.  She is also involved with the national CommonGround program; she writes a monthly column for Kentucky’s farm newspaper, The Farmer’s Pride; and she contributed to Michele Payn-Knoper’s book, No More Food Fights. Jennifer grew up on a small farm near Jeffersontown, Ky., graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in agriculture, and has two children.

John Moody

John Moody is an administrator for the Whole Life Buying Club in Louisville Kentucky, a board member for the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund and the Farm Food Freedom Coalition, and a farmer. He is author of the Food Club and Co-op Handbook, columnist for the Wise Traditions Journal of the Weston A. Price foundation, and speaks at  conferences such as Mother Earth News. He is married to his lovely wife Jessica and with her shares the joys of raising four kids and living on a farm in rural Kentucky.

Seven Ground Rules for Political Discourse™

  1. Show respect, with no hint of blame
  2. Assume positive intent from all on the other side
  3. Understand and care about the other side’s needs, fears, and proposed solutions
  4. Do not complain without offering solutions with realistic action steps that meet both sides’ needs
  5. Clarify opinion from fact
  6. Seek the truth and workable solutions over political positioning
  7. Where there are moral philosophical differences, clarify without accusation and move on

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