March 26, 2013 TACKLE Event – Immigration – in full on YouTube!

You can now view our March TACKLE with TAC4 event on Immigration in full on YouTube! Watch it here:

Thanks to Kate Miller (ACLU of Kentucky) and Tomás Mauricio (Advocates for America Radio Network) for their excellent panel discussion.

The results from pursuing their Needs, Fears, and Concerns are:

Kate Miller

  • Needs
    • Inclusive Policy
      • Most people currently in US have benefits and responsibilities of citizens
  • Fears
    • Exploitation from employers
    • Civil liberties of immigrants and citizens
    • Harsh realities faced by human beings
    • Families broken apart
  • Solutions
    • Quicker or fairer path to citizenship

Tomás Mauricio

  • Needs
    • Simplify current law
    • Everyone should have the opportunity to immigrate here that wants to
  • Fears
    • Elitism in policy
    • Creating an explosion illegal immigration
  • Solutions
    • Throw out laws as is
    • Replace with simpler and enforceable laws
      • Ideal: two pieces of paper to fill out
      • E-verify or other technology

Additional Audience Concerns

  • Comments
    • Illegal Status IS against civil law
    • Need more emphasis that immigrants DO benefit society
    • Low work ethic of US citizens matched with abortion gives rise to the need for more immigrant resources
  • Questions
    • How does immigration affect national security?
    • Does immigration affect labor and wages?
    • Are there resource constraints?
    • Do welfare benefits make immigration unsustainable?
    • Is immigration resistance due to Anglo-Saxon fears of losing cultural power?

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