Political Discourse – Ground Rules 1 & 2

Okay, I modified the Nine Ground Rules for Cohesive Team BehaviorTM into something I think we could use for political discussions.  There are now Seven Ground Rules for Political DiscourseTM and here are the first two.

#1 – Show respect, assuming good motives

  • Assume that everyone’s motives are for the good of the nation / state / people
  • Never speak negatively behind someone’s back
  • No speculation of people’s motives
  • Apologize regularly, especially when crossing lines while fighting about issues
  • Forgive freely, realizing that we are all just working for the good of the team

#2 – Do not complain without offering solutions

  • The thing you are complaining about is the very problem that needs to be solved
  • Valuable time and energy could be spent solving problems
  • Every time you complain about someone or something, you cement the core cause of the problem instead of solving it

This seems awfully daunting.  What would compel people to start showing respect and quit complaining?


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